Friday, 22 March 2013

The Basic Tool List for DIY

Okay, so I have my basic set of crafting tools, that keeps being added to with each project that I take on, but I am not sure what tools I should equip myself with to 'make a homemade home'.

Obviously, if you research the basic tools to have, the list varies from person to person. However, there are some common tools, which are recommended by professionals and experienced renovators.

It is highly recommended that you purchase quality tools that will last you a lifetime; otherwise you may pay more in the long run, as cheap tools may need to be replaced constantly.

The basic tool list comprises of:

There are many types, that are best suited to different projects. A 'Claw Hammer' may be a good one to start with.

Again, there are numerous options. Combination pliers should do the trick but it may be worth investing in a set which also includes long nose pliers.

Your set should include: a flat-head screwdriver and a Phillips screwdriver.

Spirit Level

An adjustable wrench is the best starting point.

5m Retractable Tape Measure

Retractable Utility Knife (and blade pack)


Kit yourself out with a battery-powered cordless drill with bits and nut drivers.

Assorted screws, nails and washers



Safety Equipment - masks, safety goggles and gloves.

Combination ladder

G Clamps

Paint brushes
Kit yourself out with paint brushes of various sizes.

Miscellaneous: Painter's tape, bucket, large sponge, duct tape, old toothbrush, wood glue, sandpaper of various grits, pencils and notebook

This will be an expensive outlay but hopefully once you have 'made a homemade home', you will have well and truly broken in your tools and got your moneys worth.

For reference, there are other tools that are listed as essential for your tool kit. Should you wish to add to the above, the list continues with:

A small and large flat-head would benefit your kit. Also, a Ratchet screwdriver and socket set, may benefit.

It may be beneficial to include a pair of locking pliers and groove joint pliers to your set.

A 16 ounce rip model can assist you, particularly if you are dealing with floorboards.

A pipe wrench may be the next addition. A set may be the best option as they will include various types and sizes.

Mitre Box

Painter's tool

Crowbar and/or Prybar

Circular Saw (corded)

Skill saw (corded)



Voltage Tester

Table Saw


Cut-off Saw

Teflon Tape

DIY Manual

Box Cutter

Roller brush, pads and tray

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