Monday, 25 March 2013

10 Key Holders to Make

Nowadays, we seem to have so many keys for different things.

There is nothing worse than running late in the morning and not being able to find your keys! A key holder (located out of view and reach from letterboxes), is the solution.

In our 'homemade home', we are also looking for a practical solution that radiates beauty too; the 10 solutions below tick both boxes.

DIY Wall Mounted Wooden Hotel Key Rack by Remodel Aholic

Remodel Aholic have recreated Mothology's stylish key rack for a fraction of the cost.

Key Rack by Martha Stewart

A smaller option than the one above but just as attractive. Look at Martha Stewart's Key Rack.

Key-Shaped Key Hanger by Guyzo35 on Instructables

Guyzo35 has posted this chunky wooden 'Key Hanger' on Instructables.

Hand Key Rack by M3G on Instructables.

This key rack by M3G on Instructables is not wall mounted but is a unique option that would make a great decoration, if nothing else.

Key Holder DIY by Shanty 2 Chic

This beautiful key holder by Shanty 2 Chic would look gorgeous on any wall.

DIY Key Hooks by My Sweet Savannah

Using your children's letter blocks, you can create this fun-filled holder by My Sweet Savannah.

Key Rack From Old Keys by Wendy Becktold on Sierra

A fabulous way to reuse keys that are no longer in use. Wendy Becktold has posted a lovely rustic option on Sierra.

How to Make a Designer Key Rack by DIY Maven on Curbly.

This is a chic 'designer key rack' by DIY Maven on Curbly.

DIY Key Holder (Yellow Love) by Cherished Bliss.

A 'happy' and colourful key holder by Cherished Bliss.

Going Postale by It's Just Me.

A rustic 'French' style key holder by It's Just Me, that would charm any wall.

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