Friday, 15 March 2013

12 Fabulous Easter Gifts to Make

Besides being on a never-ending diet, for me the prospect of chocolate from everyone I know is not appealing (but for my husband, he is in second Heaven!). With this in mind, I am going to give the adults in my life something more than a chocolate egg - although I certainly do not intend to spend 'the Earth'.

Out of interest, I was keen to find out why we, traditionally, handover bunnies and eggs. In summary:

Rabbits and Hares
Bunnies symbolise fertility and as they litter in Spring, together with birds laying eggs, they became the symbol of new life.

Painted eggs represent the colours of Spring and the rebirth; in Greece, for example, they paint the eggs red to represent the blood of Christ shed during Easter, whilst elsewhere, eggs are painted green to represent new foliage.

The light of a candle symbolises the light of the risen Christ.

After trawling the net, I have sourced my favourite gifts, including: a pillow, a glass bowl, prints, candles, a wreath, eggs and fabric birds.

Molly's Sketchbook: Little Lamb Pillows by Purlbee

Perfect Pillow
Personally, I am in love with 'Molly's Sketchbook: Little Lamb Pillows' by 'Purlbee'. These pillows are fabulous and would be a wonderful asset to any home.

Easter Silhouette Plates & Bowls by Hostess with the Mostess

Gorgeous Glass
Glass bowls are lovely either on display or being used at the table. 'Hostess with the Mostess', detail how to make a gorgeous Easter Silhouette glass bowl that can be proudly presented all year round.

Plush Birdies by Bird's Party Blog

Bright Birds
'Plush Birdies' from 'Bird's Party Blog' would look sweet as an Easter decoration and would surely be admired by all who see them.

Spring Baby Grass Wreath by Patty Schaffer's blog

Wonderful Wreath
For me, this is an unusual present but it is always good to give gifts that are different than the norm! Patty Schaffer explains how to create a 'Spring Baby Grass Wreath'.

A Soft and Thoughtful Easter Printable by Madigan Made

Perky Prints - one..
This simple and elegant print by 'Madigan Made' would look fabulous adorned on any wall. This free print is available in 3 colours.

Meet my Peeps & Hippity Hop by Spunky Junky

.. and two
'Spunky Junky', offer 2 prints - 'Meet my Peeps' and 'Hippity Hop'. These prints are sweet and would brighten up any Easter decorations.

Graphic Printed Candles DIY by Crafty Scrappy Happy

Eye-catching Candles - one..
'Crafty Scrappy Happy', guide us through the process of making their beautiful 'Graphic Printed Candles DIY'.

DIY Easter Candles by Imparting Grace

.. and two
'Imparting Grace' make 'DIY Easter Candles' that would be welcomed by anyone who receives them.

Easter Surprise Eggs by Not Martha

Elegant Eggs - one..
'Easter Surprise Eggs' by 'Not Martha', are a colourful gift that offers a cheeky twist on the standard egg!

Papier-Mache Easter Eggs by Not Martha

.. two
'Not Martha' also offers 'Papier-Mache Easter Eggs' which, as suggested, could hide a multiple of goodies inside!

French Decoupage Eggs by Confessions of a Plate Addict

.. three
'Confessions of a Plate Addict' present 'French Decoupage Eggs'. You could surprise your friends and family with chocolate treats inside.

Silhouette Easter Eggs by Le Papier Studio

.. and finally
'Le Papier Studio', have created beautiful hard-boiled 'Silhouette Easter Eggs' that would be admired by everyone and are almost too good to eat!

With so much inspiration, which project will you make first?

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