Monday, 11 March 2013

9 DIY Doormats to Make

A doormat is not something that I generally consider when I am crossing someone's threshold but when I started thinking about the many that I have seen (for this blog), I cannot recall any catching my attention (for all the right reasons).

Personally, I consider all aspects of my interior decoration but I do not think about the simple elements, like an attractive and practical doormat - in fact, currently I do not have one! As this is the first thing that friends and family will see before they enter my house, perhaps I should pay it more attention!

In an ideal world I would have two doormats - one inside and one outside. There are factors that need to be considered when choosing a doormat:

  • An outside doormat needs to be able to cope with all sorts of weather, particularly rain and many a muddy boot; therefore, the material needs to be very durable, drain easily, able to cope with the change in temperatures abd weatherproof.

  • An indoor mat is designed to not only absorb the last remnant of moisture and dirt from shoes but to look pleasing. Consider a material that will do the job in hand but will also blend into your interior design scheme and can fit comfortably under your door.

How to Create Custom Doormats by eHow

Personalised Doormat
Using an existing fibre mat you can create a funky feature that will make your visitors double take. Using only alphabet stencils, paintbrushes and waterproof fibre paint, you can create a monogrammed doormat. For instructions, look at 'How to Create Custom Doormats' by 'eHow'.

Besides the quick and easy option of personalising an existing mat, I have found nine attractive doormats that are bound to gain admiration.

Pebble Mat by Lilybee on Curbly

Pebble Pleasing
By simply using a rubber welcome mat, bags of river rocks and contact adhesive you can make a fun-filled welcome. Created by 'Lilybee' on 'Curbly', this is a great outdoor mat - 'Pebble Mat'.

Garden Hose Doormat by Mark Kintzel Design

Gorgeous Green
'Mark Kintzel Design' offers a fabulous alternative to your usual exterior doormats. Made with a garden hose - 'Garden Hose Doormat'.

How to Make a Wooden Doormat by Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects

Four Wooden Wonders
There are four great external offers from 'Recycle Reuse Renew Mother Earth Projects' - 'How to Make a Wooden Doormat'.

Make A Wood Doormat and Make Money by Woodworking for Mere Mortals

Redwood Beauty
Steven Ramsey offers this attractive option to compliment any exterior door - 'Make a Wood Doormat'.

Crocheted Sisal Rug by Scoochmaroo on Instructables
Sizzling Sisal
This pretty option has been conjured up by 'Scoochmaroo' and is displayed on 'Instructables'. A welcome addition to any home - 'Crocheted Sisal Rug'. This mat is best suited for inside or under a shelter, if outside.

Braided Doormat by Martha Stewart

Martha's Magic
There has to be at least one option from Martha Stewart, the Queen of makes! This braided doormat would be loved by all and would suit any interior - 'Braided Doormat'.

I hope that, like me, you will find these options irresistible and will enjoy making your 'first impression' doormat! Which doormat will you be tackling first?

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