Monday, 8 July 2013

13 Fireplace Surrounds to Make

A fireplace is generally considered the feature point in a room. If you are installing a new fire or have inherited one that needs updating, we have sourced some fabulous surround ideas.

PDF downloads (no picture available)
Handyman Club's attractive surround can be built using their PDF instructions; or look at Fine Woodworking's gorgeous offering.

Handyman Club offer an 'easy fireplace mantel' to make.

Fireplace Makeover by The Lettered Cottage

The Lettered Cottage's fireplace makeover looks fantastic and their instructions are clear to follow.

Build a Fireplace Surround by Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens' instructions and the 'what you need' list, are very detailed. Not sure what the surround will look like when it is finished though!

How to Build a New Fireplace Surround and Mantel by HGTV

Loving this makeover by HGTV!

Rebuilding a Fireplace Surround by jwilliamsen on Instructables

This modern surround from jwilliamsen on Instructables would bring a room into the 21st Century. Instructions for recasting the hearth are also included.


How to Build a Fireplace Surround Using Stone Pavers by Chris Peterson on Mother Earth News

Chris Peterson's surround would certainly be a feature in any room!

My $82 Fireplace Makeover by The Lettered Cottage

Another beauty from The Lettered Cottage.

Marvelous Mantle by Skil

For an attractive surround, look at Skil's website for details.

Craftsman Mantelpiece: JLC Show-2004 by Katz

Katz detail how to make this lovely surround.

DIY Fireplace Surround by Better Homes and Gardens

An alternative style (to the one featured above) from Better Homes and Gardens.

Fireplace: DIY Concrete Surround by House Bella

House Bella showcase an attractive surround but also detail how they created their hearth and mantle and how to age metal.

Don't forget to send in your proud masterpiece pictures!

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