Monday, 27 May 2013

How to Make a Reading Chair

Imagine... a good book, a glass of wine, time to yourself...

With all of the good things above, you need somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy the moment.

This is definitely a post that will be added too.....

Kojotutorial: reading chair made from two wooden palettes (part 1) by Kojo Designs

Not quite a relaxing chair for adults, but a fun option from Kojo Designs none-the-less.

Easy Chair by Carlyle Lynch on Tools for Working Wood

Unfortunately, you do have to pay for the plans from Carlyle Lynch, but what a gorgeous chair, that will look sophisticated and stylish in your home.

How to Make a Chair With Books by W. P. Wentzell on eHow

A fun idea from W. P. Wentzell on eHow! Seek out those handsome books and create your masterpiece.

Parson Chair Plans by Ana White

A comfy looking chair by Ana White. Not quite one that you can snuggle into though!

Rocking Chair Plans by Stan's Plans

Stan's Plans features this lovely rocking chair. A few cushions and you have that relaxing chair to read away the hours.

Mission Style Rocking Chair Plans by Randy Wicks on How to Build Plans

Gently rock yourself, with this chair by How to Build Plans, whilst reading that 'can't put down' book.

Rok-Bak Chair by Larry Cotton on Make

This chair by Larry Cotton on Make looks so comfortable - I want one!

Bean Bag Chair by Making it Fun

If a comfy chair is what you are looking for, a bean bag is the perfect compliment. This bean bag from Making It Fun would look great in your home.

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